01/30 2019

What are the Benefits of Digital Music?

The outcry when the compact disc took over from the album was immense, no longer were album sleeves needed and what was seen as art by many music lovers was simply discarded almost overnight. But the revolution that is digital music means there is no individual storage of songs, no CD’s, tapes or albums. However, the switch to digital music is for very good reasons, and in this article we explore the benefits of digital music over the compact disc.


Digital music has created a whole new world in terms of when and how you can listen to your favorite tunes. Before the internet and digital files came about, trying to carry music around with you was a big problem. You were restricted to tapes and later portable CD players.

With digital music all the files are kept online, so you don’t have to carry around your personal CD collection with you. And if you fancy listening to some obscure prog-rock track the chances are you can pull it up on line. Another fantastic benefit of streaming is that you can subscribe to Apple Music, or Spotify to create customized playlists of your favorite songs, or songs you have never even heard of.

Storage and Portability

Sharing digital music files with other devices or with your friends is easy, you can either burn them on to discs or add it onto a USB (if copyright is okay). Even playlists can be downloaded to your mobile when you cannot get online.

Digital files are also very small, so you can get hundreds and thousands of songs on a portable device. This is also a down side of digital music though. As a digital file if normally around 5MB and a CD track would be ten times of that at 50MB, there is a slight loss in quality.

Wireless Audio Streaming

If you are lazing in the back garden in your comfortable chair, then there is nothing easier than being able to grab your phone and hear the song you fancy. There is no need to physically get up, turn the stereo system on and try and find your favorite album or CD. Nearly all home audio systems now come with bluetooth functionality or can operate for wireless audio streaming.

Digital music has a plethora of advantages, but it still can be worthwhile to have a CD player in your home audio system. And with the popularity of vinyl making a resurgence then a record deck allows you to play all your old albums which may be difficult to find digitally.

Vinyl offers a warmer sound than any digital format, there is a resonance that is created from the needle and plastic that you simply do not get digitally. However, taking a deck and a bunch of albums out with you whenever you leave the house is not an option. The future of music is digital, how it moves on from its current format is not yet clear but there are bound to be technical upgrades and changes for the better. 

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