05/29 2018

Top Playlists on Spotify and Why You Should Listen to Them

Music has been shown to affect our mood. Quality music can even reduce stress. Whether you need to concentrate, clear your mind, get pumped up, or wind down, the right playlist used at the right time can effectively transform your day from dull to dope. Here are top playlists on Spotify and why you should listen to them.

1. Have a Great Day!

Fittingly among the top playlists on Spotify, “Have a Great Day!” is best for combating bad mood. It has quick and fun selections from newbies and classic artists alike, even the cheesy songs are here and they will give you positive vibes all day long and help you get through the Monday blues.

2. New Music Friday

Each Friday, Spotify features “New Music Friday” — a playlist of top music to listen to throughout the week, a blend of pop music that can help keep you up to date on the happenings in the music world.

3. U.S. Top 40 Hits

This top Spotify playlist is designed to help you easily stay up to date with the latest pop hits. The “U.S Top 40 playlist” tracks the hottest songs of the day, helping you flow better with your teenage kids and the youthful co-workers without the need to listen to annoying pop radio personalities.

4. Walk In Like You Own The Place

If you need to get pumped, you need to boost your confidence or you need something to get you through a workout then this is the playlist for you. These songs are the musical version of a pump-up speech. These songs will get you pumped up and feeling good about your self and whatever it may be that you need to accomplish.

5. Indie Workout

Need a great music playlist to take to the gym? Start with Spotify’s “Indie Workout”. The songs on this playlist have got positive vibes and infectious beats — exactly the kind of music you need to get you through the day’s activities. The songs are great for testing out audio quality of your player as well.

6. Instrumental Hip-Hop

Among Spotify’s top playlists is this user-made playlist comprising classic hip-hop instrumentals that provide just the kind of steady groove that you need to concentrate on the task at hand and without words to distract you. Featuring classics from J Dilla, Pete Rock, and several other great producers, “Instrumental Hip-Hop” affords you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the sounds of famed beatsmiths.

7. Happy Days

This popular playlist features music from the good old days. Spotify’s “Happy Days” is a 3-hour playlist that brings together upbeat hits and good-time singles from the ’50s and ’60s. You can also find jams from classic artists like Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke.

8. Funky Jazz, Blues, & Soul

Who said “soul music” is limited to slow jams? This huge playlist comprising nearly 500 songs is simply overflowing with soulful tunes, from heart-rending blues tracks to instrumental jazz. The collection of music on this Spotify playlist stretches back nearly 100 years.

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