09/01 2017

The Return of The Record

How we listen to music is ever changing, there once was a time that you had to go see someone perform live in order to hear music. The music industry then progressed to records, then cassettes, to CD’s and now we download all our music digitally. Some would say that all of this has been a good progression, steps forward for the music industry. However, there has recently been an increase in the popularity of records and record players. People are going back in time through their record collections and reliving their happiest moments. Why though is the record playing making a comeback, what brought on the return of the record? Is it simply nostalgia for the past, the hype that has been raised about it on the Internet and social media, or does listening to a song on a record truly make a difference?

Yes, nostalgia has a huge part to play in the return of the record. People want to experience the feelings they had when first listening to a song, to place the vinyl on the record player, carefully place the pin onto the tract and here the muffled sound as their favourite tune starts to play and brings back forgotten moments. So yes, for those who had a record play years ago revisiting this form of music has a powerful impact on them. However, there are plenty of individuals out there buying records and record players who most likely not even alive when records were still in use, so there must be another reason.

One primary reason is that records have become a fad, a trend, the next popular thing. The hipster culture that quickly became so prevalent across the globe may be the reason for this trend. It became popular to take something that was old and outdated, repackage it and sell it as something new. Take vintage clothing for example, someone’s worn out old jean jacket that they gave to the Goodwill may now be for sale for five times the price in a Los Angeles vintage shop, basically because they can, because the people want it. And that is what happened with records, people decided they were cool again and so, they became cool again.

There are those who are the purest among the masses. Those who still listen to vinyl not because of the memories, not because of the trends but because of the music. There is a huge case to be made for a vinyl record being more true to sound than a digital copy. Vinyl plays the way the musicians intended for a song to be played, you can hear each instrument and hear the flaws and the beauty in each singer’s voice. Much of this is lost or auto-tuned in digital music. So, for the purest, those truly dedicated to the art, those with a true love of music a record player makes all the difference.

There are many reasons why we listen to music the way that we listen to it. Regardless of how or why remember that music is there for your enjoyment, don’t let anyone take that away from you.

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