12/11 2017

The Best Musical Studios of Today

Although portable and home recording options have greatly improved the music industries today, music artists still observe the importance of a professional studio and the quality of service they offer. Musicians that make use of quality studios produce the best hits that sound better than anything recorded on the go. Let’s take a look at some of the top flight recording studios that have hosted a lot of superstars and are still in business today.

Abbey Road Studios London

One of the iconic music studios still in business, the Abbey Road studio is regarded as the world most famous recording studio in business today. The studio rose to fame when the Beatles recorded Sgt Pepper’s “Lonely Hearts Club Band” fifty years ago, and since then the studio has received countless top artists who visit to record hit tracks on a steady. Until today, the studio still gets to see the likes of Ed Sheeran and James Bay who are regular acts. According to the manager Isabel Garvey, “People are still blown away when they come through the door”, “We’re lucky in that our rooms are of legendary status”.

Air Studios London

The Air studio was founded by George Martin in 1969 and was relocated to the Lyndhurst Hall in 1991. The studio came into the business with a customized 54-channel mixing console and four studio spaces. The famous music projects executed at this studio are the Coldplay’s Kaleidoscope EP and the score to Dunkirk. One of the factors that give and sustains great popularity to this music house is their unique acoustics and in-house engineers. The studio has a lot of music projects that people sometimes wonder how they manage to cope.

Bernie Grundman Mastering – Los Angeles

Bernie Grundman has mastered the art of cleaning up the music and getting off the music to the microphone to master with little interference. The results always came out clean and pure. He was referred to as “the sorcerer of signal purity.” Some of the famous acts that enlisted for his services are pop stars like the Prince and Michael Jackson. Even the current hip-hop acts visit the studio to polish their songs with the customized gears and top-notch sound engineers. The quality of projects executed here has made the studio one of the most sort after recording places in the US.

Capitol Studios Los Angeles

This studio was christened the “the famed studios in the Capitol Records Tower” by Frank Sinatra and offers three studios, production suites, and mastering services. The echo chambers were renovated, and the studio has hosted Bob Dylan and Neil Young, they recruited staff to contribute backing vocals to the 2017 track “Children of Destiny” The vice president Paula Salvatore says that, “Many have commented on being inspired by the iconic artists who have come before them when walking our hallowed hallways”, “As producer Phil Ramone used to say, ‘People play better here.’”

Criteria Recording Studios Miami

One of the most iconic studios in Miami, Criteria Recording has maintained its pedigree due to its size and versatility. A lot of stars have recorded here, and the studio still gets regular visits by popular figures and leading musicians in America. In the last six months, Coldplay and Gucci Mane have recorded there, even reggaetón star Wisin and jazz pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba are regular visitors to the Criteria as they come to make use of the studio’s instruments. Gonzalo loves to use the Yamaha 9-footer, which is one of the studio’s four pianos.

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