01/13 2018

Most Popular Underground Music of 2017

2017 was a very quiet year for underground music lovers. However, few songs came out fine last year, and they were hot. We bring you the best of last year’s underground music, we’ve checked out everything from emo trap, to pop and even Krautrock.  Find out what we mean below.

“This Will Destroy You” by Black Faxes

This song was dropped with the “Black Faxes” album sometime in June last year and since then have not stopped thrilling us. This song is all about vibe and tone. Black Faxes came out this time hard. Strong composure and charisma, watch out before you get “destroyed” by this monster hit.

“If You Like” by Depraved Messenger

Nobody believed in the emo trap until the Japanese musician dropped his album last year and dished out lots of mind-blowing original trap songs that will get you grooving once you turn on the volume. “If You Like” did not sound like a hit song in the first few seconds, but once you settle into the music, it takes you away naturally. The song comes with this sweet, modern trap percussion mixed with emo vocal melodies that are so smooth that it brings back the memories of the yesteryears.

“Twin Flame” by Playing To Vapors

No one would have imagined that this young rock band will break into last year with this great track that has kept all lovers of indie rock on their feet. The song blends both the styles of local natives and a strong rush from rock sounds. The song is very entertaining; the future is bright for the young band.

“Hot Chip” by Mango Lane

When it comes to Indie pop, no one does it better than mango lane. Mango lane makes that kind of music that subconsciously takes you back to the past, and you will totally forget about the present. “Hot Chip” is one pop track that will stand the test of time. The song is entertaining, refreshing and out of the box. If you want a break from the loud and rowdy pop we have today, you should check out this song.

“Television” by Lød

Here comes our number one choice. “Television” is not a kind of song that you get to listen to every day. Lots and lots of hard work went into this song, and something magical came through. Lod wanted to remind us that some genres can never go out of style and you know what? The band did pretty well in passing the message. “Television” is not the only good time jolly song they have under their belt, but the song is on top of the rest. 2017 was a good year for the band, and they deserved the kind of success that came with their latest album. It’s one thing to constantly deliver good songs, but it takes greater efforts to combine lots of underground genres to create a masterpiece.

So, if you love the good old times, you can try out some of these songs and be sure to have a good time.

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