10/25 2017

Is Paying for a Music Subscription Worth it

Nowadays there are so many ways to listen to music and to download music. Music has become such an important part of people’s day to day lives as well, you will see people, both young and old, walking down the street with their headphones in listening to their favourite tunes and perhaps bobbing their heads to the music as well. When you get in your car, it’s the first thing you do, you search the radio for a song you like, or you put in a cd or plug in your phone and keep those tunes playing to help you get through traffic and make it to your final destination. How we get our music differs from one person to the next, do you download your songs? Did you rip all your old CD’s into your iTunes library, or maybe you pay for a music subscription and open an app to play your music each time? This seems to be an increasingly more popular way to listen to music. There are a lot of advantage to this method, although there are a few disadvantages as well. While listening to music is always good, let’s see if a music subscription makes it any better.

One of the greatest perks of having a music subscription is that it does not take up storage space on your device. Perhaps you only have a few gigs of storage on your phone, you no doubt have picture, contacts, apps and other important things that you need on there, you do not want to take up more space with your endless playlists of music. If you have a music app, such as Spotify or Soundcloud, then you are able to simply open the app and listen to your favourite songs without taking up your precious storage space. For many this makes the subscription more than worth it. Another perk is that you will have an almost endless supply of songs to listen to, songs you forgot you liked, songs you may have never found on your own. Having music subscription opens you up to so much more music than you have probably had before, this is a huge plus for the music buffs out there.

There are of course a few downsides, the most common music subscription services will require you to be on Wi-Fi or to use your data to use the app. If you only have a limited amount of data to use each month then you most likely do not want to waste it listening to music all day, or you do not want to be charged for the extra data usage. Speaking of charges, a music subscription will cost you a monthly fee as well, although they are usually only about $10 a month it is still a factor to consider when you are looking at how you will listen to music. As you can see there are pros on cons to having a paid subscription, based on your circumstances you can decide if it is truly worth it for you.

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