04/18 2018

How to get Your Music Discovered

While it may seem hard making people to find your music, don’t despair. You don’t become a superstar overnight. Most artists, great and small, overcame similar challenges to get where they are. With a little work and persistence coupled with your awesome talent, you can get fans and music experts to find your music. Here are a few tips to get your music discovered.

Step 1: Discover your voice

Obviously, you should make, record and produce super awesome and captivating music! This is entirely your job. It’s your creativity at work. Try not to stress over being the best at first. Test, play around with songs and figure out how to discover your “voice”.

Step 2: Always be in Front of an Audience

Everyone feels like they rock when practicing in an underground soundproof black box. In all actuality, you’ll never be a star without a listening audience. So seek out local venues and opportunities to be in front of an audience and get used to the idea of open performances. You can host a get-together to perform your music! Take advantage of social media and share your demos on YouTube, Soundcloud, Band camp, Myspace, Facebook, etc.

Step 3: Content is King

Getting your music discovered can feel like a do-or-die affair. Record your best works. One brilliant track can get you the much-needed exposure. Use great content. Make it sound and feel nice. Create an image for your brand and tell your story of how you got here. Once you’re done, distribute it as far as possible using available platforms like Spotify, AmazonMP3, iTunes, Beatport, Deezer, Facebook, Google Play, etc. Create and maintain an impressive official online presence.

Step 4: Share, Promote, Play

Having completed the first three important steps — discovered your voice, recorded extraordinary music, set up your online presence and released your first song(s) with your story — it’a time to promote yourself. Distribute copies of your best songs to radio stations and DJs. Some people will love your song(s). Connect with them and other potential fans. Post your music on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Get reviews. Regularly perform gigs. Converse with fans and bond with them. They’ll automatically tell their friends about you.

Step 5: Create your Team

While you can make it far own your own as an independent artist, you do need a great team to become a star. Behind a very successful artist are labels, producers, managers, publishers, bookers, media personnel, etc. These people can help to transform your talent and hard work into a huge success. The catchphrase in the music industry now is “networking”. The more individuals you know, the more likely you’re to quickly rise to superstardom.

Step 6: It’s Just the Beginning

Here’s another buzz killer. What people may see as “overnight success” often conceals years of hard work and sweat. Steps 1-5 typically span years. Other than talent, perseverance is often a hallmark of successful artists. Hold on to your masterful vision. Be realistic and keep things simple so you can focus on making your music and connecting with fans. Learn, create, play, and become the best artist you possibly can.

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