These Stars Turn Their Songs Into Money Read Article
02/09 2021

These Stars Turn Their Songs Into Money

For about a year now, numerous industries have had difficulty maintaining or even generating the sales. That also affects the music industry. Recording and selling a new record is no problem, but what about live performances that have been the source of money? These have come to a complete standstill. That has become the main […]

Sampling Music Read Article
03/12 2020

Sampling Music

In this day and age, there are probably as many ways to create music as there are music genres. Or even more. From live jazz evenings to trance music sets that feature a couple of similar tones and last for hours, the way to experience music is truly varied. And when it comes to creating […]

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09/13 2019

How Vinyl Records Work

Vinyl records are making a huge comeback these days; most people who consider themselves knowledgeable music lovers have a record player with several vinyl records of their favorite bands from the 80s. While it is fashionable to own them and play them when your friends come over, it should be even more fashionable to know […]

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07/17 2019

The 5 Best Headphones for Listening to Music

Listening to music with a really good pair of headphones is completely different from the cheap earpieces that come with mobile phones. The quality and range of notes that can be heard on a really good acoustic pair of headphones elevates your music enjoyment tenfold. But when it comes to selecting a pair of new […]

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05/22 2019

Which Digital Format Should You Store Music On?

Since the development of digital music formats and the ever growing improvements in the technology, it is now becoming quite a bewildering question what is the best way to store your audio files? Many music lovers went through the long experience of converting their old CD’s onto MP3 and I-Tunes files, but are these still […]

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03/27 2019

The Truth About the Quality of Digital Music

There are great advantages of digital music, but one of the comment that is leveled at it is that the quality of sound is not as good as other formats. Vinyl lovers will bend your ear that digital music does not hold a candle to the warm and all-encompassing sound that a record can give. […]

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01/30 2019

What are the Benefits of Digital Music?

The outcry when the compact disc took over from the album was immense, no longer were album sleeves needed and what was seen as art by many music lovers was simply discarded almost overnight. But the revolution that is digital music means there is no individual storage of songs, no CD’s, tapes or albums. However, […]

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05/29 2018

Top Playlists on Spotify and Why You Should Listen to Them

Music has been shown to affect our mood. Quality music can even reduce stress. Whether you need to concentrate, clear your mind, get pumped up, or wind down, the right playlist used at the right time can effectively transform your day from dull to dope. Here are top playlists on Spotify and why you should […]

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05/14 2018

Necessary Equipment to Record Your Own Songs at Home

With just a few hundred box, you can really set up a pretty decent home recording studio. There will most likely be some limitations, but you can pretty easily work around them. Below are the necessary equipment to record your own songs at home. 1. Computer Obviously, you don’t need the fastest computer to record […]

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04/18 2018

How to get Your Music Discovered

While it may seem hard making people to find your music, don’t despair. You don’t become a superstar overnight. Most artists, great and small, overcame similar challenges to get where they are. With a little work and persistence coupled with your awesome talent, you can get fans and music experts to find your music. Here […]

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