10/03 2017

Apple Music Versus Spotify

When it comes to where you source your music, the options seem as though they are almost endless. It seems as well, that as trends change so does people idea of what is the best way to download music. At one point, Pandora was the way to go, then that seemed to fade out and new software came and went. But there are two top contenders that currently have the best software and options available at the moment, those are the ever-popular Apple Music and Spotify.

Spotify, created in Sweden, has tens of millions of paid users. It far exceeds all of its competitors as the most subscribed to music service. Those are just the paid users, it also has millions more in free users. Despite being so popular, Apple Music is often seen as better, why is that?

Apple Music is known for having exclusive releases that are not available anywhere else. As well fully and easily interring with Appleā€™s iOS systems. Its numbers are impressive as well, while Spotify has more subscribers it has also been in existence longer, giving it a nine-year advantage. Apple Music was only released in 2015 and already has half the number of users as Spotify. As apple music is backed by one of the biggest brands in the world it is obviously going to have a better chance at surviving. Because of that they have one the largest music libraries available. As well as a twenty-four-hour radio station. It only costs $10 a month for all of that, and you can get 3 months free and there are family discounts as well. Making it an obviously better choice.

Spotify does boast to having over 30 million songs available, and they do add up to 20,000 new songs each day! But they do have a few holes to that, there are several artists that have chosen not to have their music associated with the company. That being said Apple Music has over 40 million songs and they do not have any hold out artists at this point, meaning overall, they have a better selection of songs.

Apple Music also seamlessly integrates your current music library with songs that are available through the service, so your previously created playlists are right there alongside any new music you may be searching for. This is a feature that Spotify lacks, and it looks as though they may not be able to create it anytime soon.

Spotify does, however, make searching for new music a relatively easy task, as there are so many songs to search through they provide curated playlists based on your previous likes and dislikes, allowing you to find new artists and songs more easily.

While the competition is stiff it seems that Apple Music is the clear winner when it comes to a paid subscription for streaming music. While Spotify is a close contender their lack of integration with iTunes and their having a smaller music, library puts them just slightly behind the ever great Apple Music.

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