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12/11 2017

The Best Musical Studios of Today

Although portable and home recording options have greatly improved the music industries today, music artists still observe the importance of a professional studio and the quality of service they offer. Musicians that make use of quality studios produce the best hits that sound better than anything recorded on the go. Let’s take a look at […]

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12/03 2017

The History of Digital Music

You will agree that the number of musical genres available today is much more than what use it used to be in about a century ago. As the world witness’s technological advancement, music is not left out too. In clubhouses today, there are different types of sons played to the satisfaction of dancers. People now […]

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11/28 2017

Most listened to Songs of All Time

I guess you are curious as to what the most listened to songs of all time may be. This is because it all depends on people’s opinion. As the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks”. My own most listened to songs of all time can be different from your own most listened to songs […]

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11/12 2017

How The Internet Changed Music

Without a doubt one of the most influential things to emerge from the past few decades is the internet. This can be said because in a relatively short period of time this phenomenon has touched the lives of people in virtually every part of the world. What makes it so special and remarkable is its […]

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10/25 2017

Is Paying for a Music Subscription Worth it

Nowadays there are so many ways to listen to music and to download music. Music has become such an important part of people’s day to day lives as well, you will see people, both young and old, walking down the street with their headphones in listening to their favourite tunes and perhaps bobbing their heads […]

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10/03 2017

Apple Music Versus Spotify

When it comes to where you source your music, the options seem as though they are almost endless. It seems as well, that as trends change so does people idea of what is the best way to download music. At one point, Pandora was the way to go, then that seemed to fade out and […]

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09/28 2017

How to Download Music Legally

This is the digital age, everything is online. You can order a fruit and have it delivered to your door, you can have your dinner delivered when you want, you can call your family half way across the world and wish them goodnight. You can literally do just about anything online. One action that has […]

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09/20 2017

Digital Music: Has it Changed the Industry?

“Without music, life is a journey through a desert.” If you asked random people around the world if that quote was true, I’m certain that the majority, if not the entirety of the group of people asked, would agree that statement was true. Music is able to fill empty spaces, it unites complete strangers, it […]

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09/01 2017

The Return of The Record

How we listen to music is ever changing, there once was a time that you had to go see someone perform live in order to hear music. The music industry then progressed to records, then cassettes, to CD’s and now we download all our music digitally. Some would say that all of this has been […]

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